Thanks to our extensive network of professionals in various countries around the world, Black Factory Cinema facilitates the work of production between local companies and international productions, providing production services for companies that wish to film in Latin America and Europe.

Knowing the secrets of work on the ground in different latitudes is our greatest asset.

Our offices in Colombia and Spain can count on a huge variety of artists and technicians with wide experience in the cinematographic sector, as well as suppliers of technology for filming and post-production.

Filming in Colombia

What are the benefits of filming in Colombia’s exotic locations?
40% and 20% Reimbursements

Thanks to the Government’s Law 1556 of 2012, international cinema productions that are partially or totally filmed in Colombia are entitled to a reimbursement of expenditure within the country.

For movies, television films, documentaries and animations the reimbursement is 40% of the value of expenditure on cinematographic services (activities directly related to pre-production, production and post-production of cinematographic works, including artistic and technical services) and 20% of the value of expenditure on logistical cinematographic services (hotels, catering and transport).

Filming in Spain

 A surprising variety of Locations

At the moment, there is a deduction of 18% of the cost of movies or series in Corporation Tax, Economic Interest Groupings (AIE), help and subventions from the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Spain as well as from the Autonomous Communities.

For advertising production services and other audiovisual work, there is a wide range of locations and cultural diversity.

The cost of production and services are among the lowest in Europe, making Spain a very attractive destination for filming.