Filming in Cuba with Werner Herzog / 2017

Training / Workshops


Creative Direction

Liliana Díaz Castillo

Executive Production

Estephania Bonnett

Production Assitant

Lucía Dapena

Arte, graphic design and web

Juan Felipe Mejía

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Werner Herzog, German filmmaker, was born in Munich on 5th September 1942. Throughout a long and prolific career, beginning at the age of 19, he has made more than 63 films, experimenting with different formats including fiction, documentaries, short films and television films.

An explorer of the world, of its dangers, mysteries and twists. Tireless expeditionist of human limits, of their endurance and dementia. Researcher of himself, of his strength and his obstinacy for ideas and for creative impulses. His microscope; cinema. His limits; none.

Black Factory Cinema is committed to the creation of alternative spaces for training young filmmakers and is organizing the Filmmakers Workshop for its fourth consecutive year. These practical workshops have been directed by established Masters of International Cinema since 2014. Black Factory Cinema previously held Filmmakers Workshops with Abbas Kiarostami in Colombia en 2014, Barcelona en 2015 y Cuba 2016.
The workshop is eminently practical, so it is essential that participants are autonomous and have knowledge of directing, filming and editing, as well as have access to their own filming and editing equipment (a camera and a computer equipped with an editing program).

Furthermore, there will be daily Master Classes concerning the principal questions that the filmmaker has to face in the moment of creation. Mr Herzog will look deeply at his methods of working, style and technique.

Actividades Paralelas


A representative sample of the work of the Master Werner Herzog will be screened at the Cinematheque of Cuba in parallel with the workshop, including a selection of the best short films made during the workshops in Colombia 2014, Barcelona 2015 and Cuba 2016.

The cycle will be inaugurated by the director who will answer questions from the Cuban public after the screening of one of his films.
This same cycle will be screened in an academic setting in the auditorium of the EICTV for all students of the School parallel with the workshop.

Clase Magistral EICTV

For half a day, a free lecture will be held for all students in the school, including the screening of one of the most recent films by the German director.

The screening will be followed by a two-hour discussion in which the audience may question Mr Werner Herzog about his artistic exploration, his technique and his work. This intimate setting is an ideal place for all students to learn and share their visions of cinema.