Filming in Cuba with Abbas Kiarostami / 2016



Creative Direction

Liliana Díaz Castillo

Executive Production

Estephania Bonnett

Art, design and web

Juan Felipe Mejía

In alliance with:

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Screenings and Festivals

International Film Festival of Locarno
International Film Festival L´Alternativa, Spain
International Film Festival New Latin American Cinema, La Habana
Docs Buenos Aires
CENTRE PHI, Montreal


Abbas Kiarostami, one of the filmmakers, photographers and video artists most influential and established from the international film community, has been carrying out an educational work with young filmmakers from around the world in countries like Italy, France, Germany, England, Spain, Korea, Japan, Morocco, Iran and other countries in different continents.

Black Factory Cinema is integrated into this process with the aim of stimulating the rising generation of directors and filmmakers from around the world in search of authentic narrative structures. That´s why we produced the past workshops in Colombia in 2014 and in Barcelona in 2015.

In 2016 with the alliance of the EICTV – International School of Film and Television of San Antonio de los Baños, Black Factory Cinema is going to hold the third workshop of authors in Cuba.
The practical workshop welcomes 35 young international authors, that with 10 students of the Master of Cinema-Test of the EICTV, made the group of participants 2016.

Parallel Activities


A representative sample of the work of the Master Abbas Kiarostami was screened at the Cinematheque of Cuba in parallel to the workshop, including a selection of the best short films made during the workshops of Colombia 2014 and Barcelona 2015.
The cycle was inaugurated by the Director who answered questions from the Cuban public after the screening of one of his films.

This same cycle was screened in an academic setting in the auditorium of the EICTV for all students of the School parallel to the workshop.

Masterclass EICTV

During half a day, a free lecture was held for all students in the school, including the projection of one of the most recent films by Abbas Kiarostami and a discussion of 2 hours where the students could interrogate him about his life´s work and his artistic exploration.

In an intimate setting this debate, which was guided by one of the teachers of the school who is familiar with the work of the author, was an ideal place for all the students to learn and share their visions of cinema.