Filming in Perú with Werner Herzog

Training / Workshops


Creative Direction

Liliana Díaz Castillo

Executive Production

Estephania Bonnett

Production Assitant

Carolina Sourdis

Arte, graphic design and web

Juan Felipe Mejía

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From the 1st-11th of May 2018, 48 filmmakers will submerge into the density and mystery of the Peruvian Amazonian jungle to make a short film guided by Werner Herzog, one of the more polemic and adventurous filmmaker who knows the jungle best.

The base of the workshop will be located at the facilities of Inkaterra Field Station, a Peruvian organization devoted to sustainable development, ecotourism and biodiversity research in the region; old friends and allies of Herzog cinema, in the production of such intense shootings as Aguirre, the Warth of God or Fitzcarraldo, iconic films of the landscapes of Peruvian jungle and mountain.

Due to the geographical characteristics of the zone, the mobility for the shootings is made exclusively in motorboat through the Madre de Dios or the Amaru River; and by foot to delve into the tropical jungle. The motorboat journeys will be guaranteed and programed by the Production Company, as well as a complete preproduction folder of the zone where information regarding actors, locations and shooting permissions will be found. It will be necessary that the authors, once selected, certify a travel insurance for the dates of the workshop.