Building the lives of others

In development


Directed by:
Natalia Bonnett y Estephania Bonnett


Transmedia documentary



Flor, my nana, is now getting into her seventies. Foshis, as we fondly call her, was hired 37 years ago by my parents, to help with the daily housework, and ever since then she has lived with us.

She retired nine years ago but she refuses to relax; she is no longer young or strong but she cooks for the family that are still at home, does errands for my parents, cleans and takes care of the house, not wanting to be separated from the family that she agreed to dedicate her life to. In her free time, she does word search puzzles and has fun with Montserrat, her “granddaughter” who calls her gran.

What happens when a woman that has given her life to another family becomes too old to carry out the work for which she was originally hired? What happens when strong emotional bonds remain even though there are no blood ties?

Flor’s voice, inaudible, hidden for so many years, reveals the complexity, the ambiguity and the transformation that her presence generated in our lives, inside the structure of our family.

My inspiration came from listening to her and reflecting on a relationship that seems so familiar, but that could end or radically change when Flor cannot work anymore.