Filming in Cuba
with Abbas Kiarostami

3rd Workshop for Auteurs.
January 26th to February 5th, 2016


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Abbas Kiarostami, one of the filmmakers, photographers and video artists most influential and established from the international film community, has been carrying out an educational work with young filmmakers from around the world in countries like Italy, France, Germany, England, Spain, Korea, Japan Morocco, Iran and other countries in different continents.

Black Factory Cinema is integrated into this process with the aim of stimulating the rising generation of directors and filmmakers from around the world in search of authentic narrative structures. That is why we produced the past workshops in Colombia in 2014 and in Barcelona in 2015..

In 2016 with the alliance of the EICTV – International School of Film and Television of San Antonio de los Baños, Black Factory Cinema is going to hold the third workshop of authors in Cuba.

The practical workshop welcomes 35 young international authors, that together with 10 students of the Master of Cinema-Test of the EICTV, will make the group of participants 2016.


January 26th to February 5th, 2016

“If we understand for political talking about the problems of people today, then my work is political, and very much (…) When you care for the suffering of others and try to express it in a way that others can feel and understand that’s politics”.

AK-quoteAbbas Kiarostami

For ten days, 35 participants will be able to develop a project led under the guidance and supervision of Abbas Kiarostami.

The workshop is eminently practical, so it is essential that participants are autonomous and have knowledge of directing, filming and editing, as well as have access to their own filming and editing equipment (a camera and a computer equipped with an editing program).

Furthermore, they can also enjoy theoretical sessions including a seminar on the work of Kiarostami, in which the Iranian director will answer to the students’ questions regarding his working methods.

The director will lead the tempo of the workshop and decide the topics, recording times and possible locations where the projects will be shot.

For participants to take full advantage of 10 days of creation it is necessary to conduct a preliminary pre-production work on the ground. In this way participants will have databases, created by Black Factory Cinema and the EICTV, with possibilities of actors, locations and basic information for the production of each film.

Duration: 10 days / 80h.

Value: 2500 (euros). This value includes accommodation and food for 12 days in the EICTV.

Certificate: Certificate set between EICTV & BFC.

Call for Entries

How to apply?

Step 1 : Send PDF

Send a single pdf document indicating your name and the following information to

  • Personal data:
    • Full Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Document of identity
    • Address and phone number
    • Email
    • Photography to document (digitized))
    • Description of main activity (3 lines).
  • CV.
  • Cover letter stating your motivation to participate in the workshop (max. 30 lines).
  • Brief personal filmography (max. 30 lines).
  • Links: Maximum 2 links to previous work, if available.


Step 2 : Form

(Closed Call)

Selection of participants

A committee will select the workshop participants under the following criteria:

  • Quality of previous work
  • Authenticity in the narrative research
  • Technical autonomy
  • Personal motivation
  • The importance of the workshop in your project as an author


Released: October 30, 2015

Closing: December 7, 2015

Publication of lists of participants: 14 December 2015

Deadline for payment of tuition: December 31, 2015 **

Beginning of the workshop: January 25, 2016

End of workshop:   February 5, 2016

* Once the fee has been paid there will be NO refunds..
** If the selected student has not paid their registration fee by the deadline, their place will automatically pass to the next student on the waiting list.



Opening of the workshop

Introduction and explanation of the work method of Mr. Abbas Kiarostami.

Students’ presentation.

Mr. Abbas Kiarostami will present the topics about which the students should build their projects.

Preview of the works made in other workshops in different parts of the world (Colombia, Iran, Spain, etc).
Master lecture for the students.

Press Conference

Session 1 – Locations visit: All the students of the workshop will visit the first location preselected by Mr. Abbas Kiarostami in Barcelona, with the purpose of shooting their projects.

Laboratory of creation 1: Individual consultancy regarding the ideas of the student for their projects. Creation of the story to film.

Film retrospective: There will be a launch of the retrospective that will take place in La Cinemateca of La Habana with a round table of about 30 minutes approximately in the afternoon after the workshop.

Laboratory of creation 2: Individual consultancies about the ideas of the students for their projects. Creation of the story to film.

Start of shooting: The students that have had their story approved by Mr. Abbas Kiarostami can start their shooting.

Casting: El taller pondrá a disposición de los alumnos un casting variado de actores profesionales y no profesionales, disponibles para participar en el rodaje de sus proyectos.

Directing actors exercise: Mr. Abbas Kiarostami will guide the students on how to work with actors.

Master Class: During half a day, there will be a Master Class for the students of the school EICTV. The Master Class will begin with a projection of one of his feature films, followed by a lecture moderated by one of the professors of the school and where Mr. Abbas Kiarostami will talk about his life´s work and will answer participants’ questions.
Time for Mr. Abbas Kiarostami Master Class: 3 hours total.

Day of rest

Laboratory of creation 3: Individual consultancies about the ideas of the students for their projects.

Shooting of the projects

Mr. Abbas Kiarostami may use this day to shoot his own project at the same time and in the same conditions as the students.

Availability of viewing the individual material: the students will have the opportunity to show their raw video footage during revision sessions with Mr. Abbas Kiarostami.

Availability of viewing the individual material: the students will have the opportunity to show their raw video footage during revision sessions with Mr. Abbas Kiarostami.

Availability of viewing the individual material: the students will have the opportunity to show their raw video footage during revision sessions with Mr. Abbas Kiarostami.

Availability of viewing the edited material: the students that have edited their work of their projects will go through revision sessions with Mr. Abbas Kiarostami.

Availability of viewing the edited material: individual consultancies about the structure of the edited work of each project. Final cut and delivery of the work to the producers..

Projection of the finished projects.

Closure act and delivery of the diplomas.

Parallel Activities

Opening January 27, 2016

A representative sample of the work of the Master Abbas Kiarostami will be screened at the Cinematheque of Cuba in parallel to the workshop, including a selection of the best short films made during the workshops of Colombia 2014 and Barcelona 2015.

The cycle will be inaugurated by the Director who will answer questions from the Cuban public after the screening of one of his films.

This same cycle will be screened in an academic setting in the auditorium of the EICTV for all students of the School parallel to the workshop.

Los títulos propuestos son:

  1. Close-up
  2. En dónde está la casa de mi amigo?
  3. Y la vida continua
  4. A través de los olivos
  5. El sabor de la cereza
  6. El viento nos llevará
  7. Shirin
  8. Ten
  9. Copia Certificada
  10. Like someone in love
  11. Roots

Master Class EICTV
January 30, 2016

During half a day, a free lecture will be held for all students in the school, including the projection of one of the most recent films by Abbas Kiarostami and a discussion of 2 hours in which the students can interrogate him about his life´s work and his artistic exploration.

In an intimate setting this debate, which will be guided by one of the teachers of the school who is familiar with the work of the author, is an ideal place for all the students to learn and share their visions of cinema.


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